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Tuesday 31 May, 2016

What is the secret of Adidas's NMD?

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In early March this year, Adidas series of NMD successful host, a number of department stores, long queues at the door, Adi powder lined up overnight in Hangzhou Intime shopping mall just 38 minutes sold out, and Nanjing West Road, Shanghai Adidas counters also early termination of business, even policeman was moved to the scene to maintain order.
Buy a pair of sneakers so big battle, comparable to Apple's new offering. Regardless of the style and quality of shoes cost-effective, as the first in mainland China in 2016 through cattle line up to buy goods, as well as many headlines have reported a long line of each city scene, this brand marketing, had to uppercase praise!
one. From the beginning of the marketing of the name!
Just beginning to see "NMD", I do not know how many people will like me first conscious thought was, "Nima", then after that science is my three outlooks errors. Originally, shoes adidas Originals NMD is a combination of classic footwear design three 80s, NMD namely NOMAD short, is a design for urban jogger shoes. But Adidas marketers, you really are too brains of. So take the name of the topic there, propagated natural high, just as New Balance to enter the mainland market, filled with "NB".

two. Have skillfully Star Marketing
Use consumers "opinion leaders" blind worship psychology, public fashion brand business is the most basic use moves. Shoe design styles, colors and stories, both with the ability to misappropriating star choice. Star who wore shoes catwalk desire to create public awareness, and limited buying goods manufactured consumer psychology, which have shown Adidas market operations to control the heat of skilful. This is already Adidas in the global market-tested the killer.
December 12, 2015, Adidas shoes released a new series of NMD in Europe. Thereafter, Fan Bingbing, Andy Lau, Eason Chan, Wu Yifan, Shawn, Deng Chao, Charlene Choi and many other star on the catwalk wearing NMD series everywhere, many fashion bloggers also microblogging advance NMD everywhere wearing this exposure.
Scoop thousand shoes of ten thousand, what is the secret Adidas NMD is a critical product?
Stars and bloggers shoes financed by the brand owner, when the stars are put into this shoe "explosion models" peak, the desire to create public awareness, consumers are increasingly looking for products higher, and then through limited "hungry marketing" to chase fashion consumers, access to goods in the first time need to pull the extreme.
2015, Adidas and American popular basketball star Kanye West collaboration.
Kanya West represents fashion, not just sports apparel brand spokesperson, more dependent on its US entertainment throughout the developed economy industrial chain are closely related. His wife Kardashian, and the Kardashian family is behind the card-famous family of misappropriating US entertainment industry's most talked about, their every move can almost pounced's first major US entertainment media. Although there are a lot of media have a variety of serious discussion, opposition voices come and go.
Look at Adidas in China Eason spokesperson election, almost all of his efforts recognized. Not only singing well, circles, word of mouth is very good, very consistent with the value orientation of Asians strive hard work + type singer, almost no negative news. Very influential in the circle, join friends in the heat of nice. In Eason fueled by major stars have have to wear the shoes Adidas NMD catwalk, this scenario is entirely in the United States Adidas Yeezy copy mode. The stars wearing the same shoes also appeared in a major runway field that advertising effect, businesses also need to auction brand CCTV prime time advertising it?
And in recent years with Wu Yifan increasingly influential among young people, so in the Adidas ad, his shadow is also increasing. Continuity of the star effect, Adidas take the fashion brand line, not just one or two years of homework, but tradition and orderly, the series followed the series, along with brand brand, along with the star of the star. Specializes in mining holds many lessons for consumers "opinion leaders" blind worship of spokesmen also change with it.
Scoop thousand shoes of ten thousand, what is the secret Adidas NMD is a critical product?
three. Learning millet "hunger marketing"

The sales of the NMD series, reportedly in the country were sold about 10,000 pairs, a total of 25 models, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other 20 major cities in Mainland China outlets. Since the sale is too hot, buy NMD need to register with the identity card, per person and purchase a pair, currently only supports up to the store to buy. Purchasing and cattle came news that the price of the shoe, "there is no normal," three or four thousand increase is normal, is said to have the highest price 9999 yuan Scoop.
Adi is hunger marketing is undoubtedly successful, purchase line news quickly boarded the major media headlines, "NMD" is rapidly becoming "explosive products."
four. Radical shop

April 1, Adidas in Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong gold corner number 36 out of the center of the first local brand, Adidas can really courage ah. Because after this place is the US light luxury brand COACH shop. COACH closed shop, the rent is too high to be considered an important incentive to shut shop. The data also show that mainland tourists to Hong Kong market has been the main consumer monarch, but the main choice of many factors under Hong Kong is not the mainland people. Faced with this situation, Adi spared no expense to buck the trend, the creation of brand center, can be seen on the Greater China market, Adidas is really ambitious!
In 2010, when the Chinese sporting goods market, Adidas's market share is still only in fourth place. In front of a strong Nike, Anta and Xtep. However, by 2014, Adidas and Nike have been comparable in the market share. From 2010 to 2015, Adidas in major markets around the world, only to achieve a Greater China sales doubled. So attractive message, Adidas nature in the future Chinese market confidence.
Scoop thousand shoes of ten thousand, what is the secret Adidas NMD is a critical product?
In accordance with its new five-year plan to 2020, the number of retail stores in Greater China from the current 9000 to grow to more than 12,000.
Adidas brand in the world has six centers, half of them in China, and another two in Beijing Sanlitun and Huaihai Road in Shanghai, and if you pass the Shanghai Huashan Road, you will find here is being renovated and a new store Adidas.

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